7people killed as dynamite packing lab blows up in a house of weapons’ dealer northern Yemen

انفجار منزل تاجر سلاح في مدينة ذمار

Al-Masdaronline-Yemen-Dhamar, Thursday, October 20, 2016



7 people have been killed on Thursday when a dynamite packing lab inside a house of Yemen’s Houthi-Saleh affiliated weapons dealer exploded in Dhamar province north Yemen. A local source said.


The source who asked not to be named said that the weapons dealer nicknamed Al-Zraq, his wife, three of his children and two labors have been killed in the house in Asalah neighborhood downtown Dhamr city when the dynamite depot exploded inside their own house.


The explosion led to the destruction of the house on heads of residents and fires spread in the house which made it very difficult to rescue any of the 7 victims lost their lives in the incident.


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