Unknown gunmen shot 5 Yemeni soldiers dead southern Yemen

مسلحو القاعدة يسيطرون على مدينة المحفد بمحافظة أبين جنوبي اليمن

Exclusive: Al-Masdaronline-Yemen-Abyn, Thursday, October 20, 2016



9 soldiers of Yemen’s pro-government have been killed and injured when unknown gunmen attacked a military barrack in Abyan province southern Yemen. Local sources said.


The sources explained that unknown gunmen shot 5 soldiers dead and injured five others in Amoodia area between cities of Zunjbar and Jaar on Thursday.



The attackers are suspected to be members of AQAP as gunmen of extremists now and then carry out such attacks on security and military targets in the southern Yemeni provinces.



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