The government demands the military camps out of Aden city, and Interior Ministry to handle security

اجتماع حكومة بن دغر في عدن


The Yemeni government called on Tuesday the military authorities to take the military camps out of Aden city, Yemen's interim capital, southern Yemen, and assigned the Ministry of Interior to handle the security in the city.


The government has also stressed, in a cabinet meeting, on the restructuring of the military brigades on national bases to overcome regionalism, sectarianism, and partisanship, according to Saba News Agency.


The government also stressed "the need to rebuild the armed forces in terms of arming, training, and qualifying, and remove the security barriers that impede the traffic flow, as well as to reduce the number of military check-posts after taking the necessary security arrangements".


It also recommended the formation of a committee to be charged with advising those who return from the "deviant thought", in reference to al-Qaeda elements.


The government also directed to re-activate the Strategic Committee for Combating Terrorism, headed by the Interior Minister Hussein Arab, and to hand over a report on its work in the next cabinet meeting.


In this context, a report presented by the Interior Minister said that the security situation in Aden and the rest of the liberated governorates has remarkably improved, and the police stations, public prosecutions, courts, and the traffic police have been well functioning.

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