Confrontations renew, coalition fighters bomb Houthi sites in Taiz

معارك تحرير ذوباب تعز

The confrontations between the government forces and the Houthi and Saleh militias renewed on Wednesday in Thobab district, western Taiz, central Yemen.


A military source told Almasdaronline that the government forces had intensified the shelling on the Houthi and allied forces sites in al Saimal, Maqar, and al Jadid, northern Thobab.


The Houthis and allied forces, on the other hand, were shelling with artillery the government forces sites in Kahbob region, western al Madharibah district, and the mountains overlooking al Omari military camp.


Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition fighters have launched several airstrikes on the rebels sites northern Thobab district, western Taiz city.


The fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition also launched four air raids on the rebels sites northern al Omari camp, and two raids on al Jadid region, northern Thobab area, according to the source.


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