Clashes erupt between Houthis and residents in Dhamar governorate

مسلحون قبليون

The Houthi militants and the forces loyal to the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh stormed on Wednesday a village in Dhamar governorate, central Yemen, on the plea of  searching for wanted persons.


Local residents told Almasdaronline that three military vehicles carrying more than twenty rebels militants have stormed the Hisn Kadid village in Mayfah Ans district.


The source added that the rebels tried to kidnap two persons from the village, but the residents confronted them, which led to the outbreak of clashes between the  two sides, resulted in the injury of two rebels, while Houthi reinforcements have arrived in the area.


On the one hand, the Houthis have kidnapped two teachers from a school in Al-Hada district, north Dhamar, and the locals held the Houthi militants responsible for the kidnapping consequences.


The local source pointed out that the Houthi gunmen, led by the leader Saleh Obad, kidnapped the teachers Ali Ahmed al Baddai and Mohammed Amer al Baddai from their school.

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