Two people killed, four wounded in bomb explosion in wedding in Aden – medical source

قنبلة يدوية

Two people at least were killed and others wounded on Tuesday evening when a grenade was thrown on a wedding ceremony in Dar Saad district in Aden province, the interim capital, southern Yemen.


A medical source in the Republic Hospital told Almasdaronline that two young men were killed by the shrapnel of a grenade thrown by someone on a wedding ceremony at Lohom neighborhood in Dar Saad district.


The blast also resulted in the injury of four others”.


It is noteworthy that the phenomenon of opening fire has considerably spread during the wedding ceremonies, which stirs security concerns for the societies, that have been suffering the consequences of the war waged by the Houthis-Saleh forces.


Local sources confirmed that the Al-Basatin police have identified the culprit and were chasing him.


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