Two Houthis commanders killed in fighting in Shabwa – field source

معارك بيحان عسيلان شبوة

A source in the popular resistance in Shabwa province said that two commanders of the Houthis group were killed on Saturday in fighting against the popular resistance in Tawal Al Sada area in northern Usaylan district, western Shabwa.


The source told Almasdaronline that Abu Yahya al-Houthi and Abu Ammar, prominent Houthi commanders, were killed during the fighting, which lasted for more than six hours.


Weapons of different types were used by both sides in the fighting”.


A leader in the poplar resistance said that the Houthis-Saleh forces that launched the attack on the pro-government forces were well trained and brought from outside Shabwa province to carry out this mission.


It is noteworthy that heavy fighting had erupted during the past two days after an attack launched by the Houthis-Saleh forces on pro-government and popular resistance forces locations in northern Tawal Al Sada area, and resulted in the death of six popular resistance members and the injury of others.


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