Houthi militants abduct prominent pro-revolution tribal leader in Ibb – local source

إب.. الحوثيون يخطفون زعيماً قبلياً كان من أبرز الداعمين لثورة «11 فبراير»

A local source in Ibb province, central Yemen, said on Sunday that the militants of the Houthi group and Saleh forces had kidnapped a prominent tribal leader and took him to the Political Security Bureau prison in Ibb city.


The Houthis abducted Mohammed Qasem Anan from his home in al Sahol area without giving any reasons. Said the source who is a family member of Anan


After seizing Ibb province, the Houthis were pursuing Anan as a main wanted person. However, the parliament member Hasan Anan of Saleh’s party, died few months ago, had led a mediation which provided for the safe return of Mohammed Anan”.


Despite their promises, the Houthis abducted Anan and put him in the jail”.


The source attributed Anan’s abduction by the Houthis to his pro-11th February strong stance as he was a member of the 11th February Revolution Forces Executive Council in Ibb in 2011-2012.


Anan’s family, tribal figures in Ibb, and the revolution youths held the coup leaders, topped by the Houthi-appointed governor Abdul Wahid Salah, responsible for the abduction of Anan and any risks and torture he may suffer.


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