A senior pro-government forces military commander killed in al Mocha – military source

قائد الكتبية الثانية في لواء زايد احمد مقراط

A military source said that a senior military commander in the pro-government forces was killed on Saturday evening in battles with the Houthis-Saleh forces in Al Mocha district in western Taiz, southwestern Yemen.


The source told Almasdaronline that the Colonel Ahmed Meqrat, Commander of the Second Battalion in the Zayed Brigade, was killed along with a number of soldiers in artillery shelling launched by the Houthis east of al Mocha city.


The Colonel Meqrat is the fourth prominent field commander killed in the “Golden Spear” military operation, after the Major General Ahmed Al Yafei, Deputy Chief of Army Staff, who was killed in February 22, Brigadier Omar Subaihi, Commander of the Third Hazm Brigade on January 7, and Saleh Salem Al Subaihi, the Observation Staff Officer of the First Infantry Brigade.


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