Arab Coalition aircrafts bomb al Daylami airbase northern Sana’a – witnesses

طيران التحالف

Witnesses stated on Monday that the aircrafts of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition have launched an airstrike on a military site for the Houthis-Saleh forces in the capital Sana’a.


The witnesses told Almasdaronline that the airstrike hit al Daylami airbase northern Sana’a.


The witnesses pointed out that a violent explosion has rocked the northern parts of the city, which may indicate the airstrike had targeted an ammunition depot.


It is noteworthy that the capital Sana’a have witnessed repeated aerial bombardment on the sites of the Houthis and allied forces by the coalition aircrafts, unlike late last year and early this year period, which witnessed stoppage of the airstrikes.


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