4Houthis killed, 11 injured in fightin around Khalid camp in Taiz - source

مواجهات و معارك المخا موزع تعز صورة من اعلى جبل النار باتجاه معسكر خالد بمديرية موزع غرب تعز

A military source in al Mocha city, western Yemen, said that four Houthi-Saleh militants were killed late Wednesday and 11 others wounded in battles against the pro-government forces near Khalid military camp.


The source told Almasdaronline that 4 other militants of the Houthis-Saleh forces were also captured.


“'The fighting broke out between the two sides after the Houthis and allied forces had launched a violent offensive on the pro-government forces’ sites near the camp, the largest Houthi military base, in Taiz province”.


However, the pro-government forces were able to thwart the attacks, and the fighting lasted for about 4 hours''.


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