Taiz: pro-government forces continue to advance in Mozza western Taiz – source

مواجهات معارك تحرير تعز

The government and Popular Resistance forces, backed by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts, made a new progress on Tuesday in the northeast of Mozza district west of Taiz, southwestern Yemen.


A military source told Almasdaronline that the pro-government forces had reached the outskirts of al-Baqriya area, while the Houthis were stationed at the entrances of Nujaiba, pointing to the continued artillery and missile shelling exchanged by the two parties.


 “Dozens of people are still trapped in their homes in the center of Mozza, after the Houthi militias have planted mines around the area to hinder any progress for the pro-government forces.” Added the source.


The pro-government forces also forced the Houthis who had infiltrated al-Zahari and Hussi Salem areas to withdraw to the Rama farms north of al Mocha.


Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts launched six raids on the Houthis’ gatherings and reinforcements north of al Mocha, killing 7 and wounding 11 others, and destroying two military vehicles.


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