Intensive raids to houthis sites ,21 killed and 19 others injured western Taiz

معارك مواجهات تحرير المخا موزع تعز

The Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts launched on Thursday several  air raids on the Houthis–Saleh  militant's sites in Maqbana and Mawza districts western Taiz ,southwestern  result the death of twenty one  and nineteen others wounded.


A military source told Almasdaronline that the aircrafts launched three air raids to site behind  Maqbana first court in Alqamb area , killed 9 and 4 others wounded  including a leaders ,most highlights leader Shehab Mohammed Al ashmali


The raids targets Houthis reinforcement in AlBarh western Maqbana  which result in the death of seven   and five injury as well as a destruction of two vehicles

Also the aircrafts launched two raids in Hawas village in Maqbana district ,which result in the death of eight and three injury and destruction of two military vehicles.


The source said that others raids target Khalid camp ,two raids east Mawza ,which result in the death of six and others eleven injury as well as destruction of military , tank and launch pad katyusha rockets .


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