The king Salman is working to provides solutions, antibiotic and vaccines to facing cholera

مركز الملك سلمان للاغاثه

The head of king Salman center for human working in Yemen Abdullah AlRoobia said on Thursday that there were funds to provides solutions, antibiotic and vaccines to facing spread of cholera epidemic in Yemen.


During his  meeting with  Yemeni president Abdo Rabooh Mansour Hadi in the center headquarter in the capitial Saudi AlRyidh that the center is working to established a surveillance unit in Yemen and focus on prevention


He pointed out the center provided the hospital needs of oil derivatives  to insurance electricity and studying the ability of expansion oil derivatives with the competent authorities to cover Yemeni citizen's needs , aslo he said the center will open prosthetics center in Marib , and the possibility of opening new branches in Aden,Taiz and Hadramout.


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