Houthi militants beseige a village,kidnap 2 persons in Al-Jawf

مسلحين حوثيين

Houthi militants laid a seiege on Thursday to a village and kidnapped 2 residents in charge with killing a houthi commander past days in al Jawf province ,northeast Yemen.


A local sources told Almasderonline that dozens of Houthi militias besieged Bani Amr village ,demanding its residents hand persons accused of killing the leader Qamlan ,otherwise launching artillery shelling on the village.



The accused belonging to Houthi rebels had first refused to give themselves up ,but a tribal mediation managed to hand them,the source added.



Houthis gave no evidence for these claims of killing the commander but they did that in retaliation for heavy losses they suffered in battles with pro-gov't forces in al Jawf ,according to the source.


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