“Subjected to all appalling violations”.. Abductees' Mothers condemn the illegal trial of 36 abductees in Sanaa

المحكمة الجزائية المتخصصة

the Abductees' Mothers Association (AMA) condemns the continuation of the illegal trial of 36 abductees  who were forcibly kidnapped and subjected to sever torture and appalling violations inside Sanaa’s Political Security’s prison.


In a statement ,of which  Almasderonline obtained a copy ,association of Abductees’ mothers said that the public prosecution of 36 abductees violates the state-constitution, laws-in-force, international conventions ,treaties and contradicts the most important principle of litigation.


The statement points out that  Specialized Penal Court continued the illegal trial and allowed to put images and confessions of the abductees on the court's walls and to broadcast a documentary film on fabricated charges. “All these actions confirm the bias of the court and its beforehand consent to convict the abductees”, the statement added.



AMA urges people inside and outside Yemen and all local and international organizations to do best and shoulder their national and humanitarian responsibilities stop this show illegal trial.


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