"607"committed by Houthi-Saleh militia ..Sam;787 violations documented against Yemenis

انتهاكات ضد المعتقلين

Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties said 787 violations against civilians in Yemen were documented  last June.


According to the report released by Sam Organization , 607 out of  787 violations, including killing,torture,enforced displacement and arbitrary detention, were committed by Houthi-Saleh militia ,while others by Arab Coalition and legitimate government ,as well as by unidentified parties in areas under legitimate gov. control.


The report said that 105 killings , 224 injuries among civilians, including 30 women, and 51 children resulted from indiscriminate shelling of Houthis-Saleh militia on residential areas in Taiz .


It also added that119 cases of arbitrary detention, including 2 children, which were committed by Houthis militia, and 2 other cases in Taiz by resistance group.


“10 violations against journalists and human rights defenders, including intimidation, physical assaults, and threaten, where systematic violations were noticed in Aden against activists in media outlets and websites funded by certain countries, also some journalists were looted and attacks on protestors who demand release of detainees in Sana’a and Aden”, the report said.


It mentions that violations against children increased particularly in armed confrontation zones, where 87 cases including 12 child recruitment cases, committed by Houthi-Saleh mainly in Taiz, and 52 others by indiscriminate shelling by Houthis-Saleh militia at residential areas in Taiz, and by Arab Coalition airstrikes.


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