Detainee died under severe torture by Houthis in al-Hodeida

Detainee died under severe torture by Houthis in al-Hodeida

A detainee died under excruciating torture in prisons of Houthi group and forces loyal to the ousted president Ali Saleh in the Red Sea port of Hodeida western Yemen ،judicial sources said on Thursday.


20 years Ali Abkar Shami , who works on a fishing bout, tortured severely to death by Houthis few days ago,the sources told Almasdar Online.

Houthis hit Ali hard in his head with a solid tool then took him to the military hospital in the city of Hodeida ,the sources added.


Houthis kidnapped Ali Shami along with a number of fishermen and started torturing them after accusations of working for what Houthis called "Daesh",according to the sources.


A Few days ago ,Houthis released all fishermen except Ali Shami denied to reveal any information about his fate at a time the kidnapped had been died of extreme torture.


Relatives of Shami found signs of torture on his body ,confirming his death as a result of torture not of illness as Houthis claimed.


Notebly,local and international organizations called on Houthi armed group to release detainees after dozens of them died under torture in Houthi custodies.

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