Fierce fighting between Houthis and government forces in Sana'a, Saada

معارك البقع

Fighting renewed between the government forces and the Houthis-Saleh militias in Nihm district eastern the capital Sana'a, and in al Boqe'e district of Saada province, the Houthis stronghold, far north of Yemen.



Septembernet, The Yemeni army official site said that the fighting took place in al Qateb, al Madfoon, Bran, Aydah areas, and al Manarh mount in Nihm district, in coincidence with the most violent artillery and missile shelling between the two sides, without any casualties reported.



Meanwhile, The Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts bombed the Houthis-Saleh forces sites in al Kohil and Yam mounts, Mahli and Hareeb Nihm areas.



In al Boqe'e area of Saada province, 5 Houthis were killed, and one government forces killed and four others injured.


The commander of the second troop in the elite brigade, Sergeant Ashraf Razaz, said that the army forces went through fierce battles with the Houthis militias in al Khashaba area of al Boqe'e district, after the Houthis militias elements' attempt to infiltrate to the army forces sites.


The importance of al Khashaba site is that it overlooks the border areas with Najran Saudi Arabia, and protect the lines leading to the al Fateh Brigade, and also overlooking al Aleeb mount and Om al Adhm.


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