Houthis kidnap 12 civilians in Al-Bayda, continued clashes in Taiz

مسلحين حوثيين

local residents said that the Houthis-Saleh forces stormed on Sunday al Khoaa village and kidnapped 5 civilians from the market and 7 others from Radaa city in al-Sawadiya district of al Bayda province.



The Houthis took them to an unknown area, stating no reasons for that.


In another context, a military source told Almasdaronline that fierce fighting and artillery shelling between the government forces and Houthis continued in al Sayahi area western Taiz city.


The government forces attacked the Houthis- Saleh forces in Jabal al Sanama in al Waziah district, while fighting took place in al Hamli region northern the district.


Meanwhile, The Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts launched three air raids on Houthi reinforcements northern al Hamili, killing six of them, wounding 10 others, and destroying two military vehicles.


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