20 Houthis, including field commanders, killed in Marib

طيران التحالف

Local sources said that 20 members of the Houthi militia were killed Sunday in clashes between them and air raids by the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts in Harib al-Qaramish district western Marib province.


The sources told Almasdaronline that internal arguments erupted between the Houthi militias about changing the security supervisor in the district.


Two elements of the Houthis belonging to Harib Quramish clan clashed with members of the Houthis at the check point of Naqil Shuga, resulted in the killing the two and wounding others. the source added


The sources said that while both parties began to gather their gunmen, the Arab coalition aircrafts took advantage and targeted them by several air raids, killing at least 15 militants, including field commanders.


Among the killed were Ghaleb Saleh al-Awaj, his brother and five of his relatives, as well as Sinan Diab, the son of the General People's Congress party head - Harib al-Qaramish branch, and a number of his relatives.

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