HRW: Saudi Arabia kill 39 Yemeni in unlawful airstrikes

غارة على منزل في عطان

Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday that the Saudi-led Arab coalition has carried out since June 2017 five unlawful air strikes on Yemen, killing 39 civilians including 26 children.


In one case, four family homes and a grocery store were targeted, killing 14 people from one family and causing indiscriminate loss of civilian lives in a clear violation of the laws of war.


"Such attacks, whether committed intentionally or recklessly, are considered war crimes," HRW said.



"This confirms the need for the United Nations to immediately put the Arab Coalition in the annual list of shame for violations against children in armed conflict," HRW said.


Also said the UN Human Rights Council should respond to ongoing abuses by the Saudi-led arab coalition, the Houthis-Saleh forces, and the otherarmed conflict parties by conducting an independent international investigation into the abuses at the September session.


Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East director at Human Rights Watch ''The Saudi-led Arab coalition's repeated promises to conduct its air strikes lawfully do not spare Yemeni children from unlawful attacks."



She added that these recent air strikes and their horrific impact on children should prompt the UN Human Rights Council to condemn and investigate war crimes and ensure the responsible are held accountable.

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