Coalition aircraft kill Houthi leader, his four companions in Midi - sources

مقتل القيادي الميداني الحوثي الأهنومي في ميدي

A well-known Houthi leader and four of his companions were killed Sunday in an air raid by the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts southern Midi city, southwestern Yemen.




The Houthis media sources confirmed that the killing of the religious authority and the Houthis Islamic Forum member, Taha Saleh al Ahnoumi with his four companions, on their way to Midi front to give lectures and moral lessons to the militants.




Al Ahnoumi is from al Miftah district of Hajah province, and a leader in the Islamic Forum, supported by Iran country, which includes several Houthis religious references and figures, headed by the Houthi Ahmed Dirhem Horiyya and Abdul Majid al Houthi.

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