US Drone killed five al Qaeda members in Marib

مقتل 5 من مسلحي القاعدة بغارة جوية في مديرية رغوان بمحافظة مارب حطام السيارة المستهدفة

A local source told Almasdaronline that five AQAP gunmen were killed on Sunday by US drone air strike targeted their car near  archaeological Saud area in Ragwan district of Marib province, eastern the capital Sana'a.


The source added that the gunmen were killed immediately and turned to charred bodies, which made it difficult to know their identities, noting that one of them belongs to Ragwan district where the bombing occurred.


Meanwhile, US drone have repeatedly launched air strikes on sites in Yemen since Donald Trump being the US president in January earlier this year, killing dozens of al Qaeda elements, including well-known field leaders.

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