Coalition aircraft kill Five civilians, injure Three others in Sana'a

طيران التحالف يشن غارات على مواقع للحوثيين وقوات صالح في عدد من المدن والبلدات

A local source told Almasderonline that five civilians were killed on Thursday, including a five years old child, and 3 others seriously injured in the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts bombardment on the civilian Yahya al Badri house, located 5 kilometers far from the confrontations area between the government forces and the Houthis-Saleh forces, in Maswarah area of Nihm district, northeastern the capital Sana'a.


It is noteworthy that the civilian causalities toll, caused by the Arab coalition raids, have recently increased in according to the latest incident in Sana'a, while the Coalition leadership justified that as a tactical error.

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