Government forces seize control of mountainous sites in Lahj

جبل الركيزة القبيطة

The government forces seized control on Thursday of mountainous sites southern al Qabbaytah district northern Lahj province, southern Yemen, after battles with  the Houthis-Saleh and forces.


Ali Montaser, the popular resistance spokesman in al Qabbaytah district, told Almasderonline that the government forces took control of al Darb mountain, which is adjacent to al Raqiza mountain, and fired artillery shells on the Houthis sites.


Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts launched two air raids on the Houthis sites in al Rakizah, killing 7 gunmen and wounding 4 others.


The coalition aircrafts targeted by four air raids the Houthis sites northern of Yakhtal area northern al Mocha district western Taiz, southwestern Yemen. according to field sources

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