Emirati forces prevent residents back to their home

Emirati forces prevent residents back to their home

Local sources said on Thursday that the Emirati forces prevented the villagers of Dhubab district, located on the west coast of Yemen, from returning to their homes, justifying that for security and military reasons.


Sources told Almasderonline reporter that the Emirati forces leadership explains its ban for the citizens who were displaced during the war from returning to their houses in the areas liberated from the Houthis-Saleh forces, that these areas were used to smuggle weapons by the Houthis.


Military sources provided information about the continued efforts of the Emirati forces leadership to form a belt security that is similar to the formations established in the southern provinces, which is away from the administration and supervision of the legitimate government authorities.


The sources said that the Emiratis continue to mobilize the idea of separating Dhubab, al Mocha, al Wazi'iyah and Moza'a districts of the Western Coast of Taiz province, and adding them to the area of its control in the southern provinces.


Those districts are important because they include al Mocha port and overlooking Bab al Mandab, one of the most important waterways in the world. In addition of being the only vent of Taiz province to the Red Sea.


The sources pointed out that the Yemeni officers were harassed and targeted as they opposed this plan, where there had been many assassination incidents for officers from Tihama brigade.

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