Houthis bomb a house, kill a civilian, wound another in Dhamar

مسلحون حوثيون يرددون شعارهم بعد تفجير منزل أحد مناوئيهم في صعدة صورة من الارشيف لمسلحين حوثيين يرددون شعارهم بعد تفجير منزل أحد مناوئيهم في صعدة

Local residents said the Houthis-Saleh forces blew up a house on Saturday in Asakra village in Asbil district, east of the central province of Dhamar.


Residents told Almasdaronline that the bombing of the house killed one of the members of the family.


They explained that the Houthi gunmen stormed the village with a military campaign with a number of crews, and then surrounded the house of Ali Nasser al-Askari with dynamite, when the residents were inside.


They added that the victim was close to the owner of the house, while another was seriously injured.


During their control of the country's provinces since 2014, the Houthis have been bombing houses of their opponents, as well as houses of worship and memorization of the Koran buildings.

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