Fighting escalate in Taiz and Lahj, casualties reported

ريف جنوب تعز

The fighting was escalated between the government forces and the Houthis-Saleh forces western Taiz and northern Lahj provinces, southern Yemen.


A military source told Almasderonline that the government forces thwarted the Houthis attack northern Moza'a district and eastern Yakhtel district northern al Mocha, while the shelling continued between the two sides.



In the context, the government forces attacked the Houthis sites in al Jamarek and al Tawila hills, and al Aabous area in Hayfan district southern Taiz, as well as took control of al She'ib, Marboosh, and al Hajmah mountains in al Aabous area.



The fighting resulted in the killing of five Houthis, wounding seven others, and capturing two, in addition to the killing of two government soldiers and wounding 3 others.

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