Ibb: Houthis break into court, escape criminal

Ibb: Houthis break into court, escape criminal

Houthis gunmen attacked on Monday a court in Ibb province, central Yemen, and escaped a prisoner committed a murder, while the province judges announced a nationwide strike in all courts protesting the incident and called for the arrest and accountability of the perpetrators and the protection of the courts and judges.


A local source told  Almasderonline that the Houthis, led by al Sabra district supervisor Abu Sirraj, came on seven military vehicles, and opened fire on the prisoners truck and its guard, and stormed the criminal court on Taiz Street.


The gunmen succeeded in smuggling the prisoner Abdulwahab al Washli, who was accused of killing Amran al Faqih in front of his wife and mother at al Mahwa  chick point in al Sabra district, southeastern Ibb, several months ago.

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