Series of coalition intensive raids on Sana'a

Series of coalition intensive raids on Sana'a

The Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts have bombed Houthi sites in the capital Sana'a, including the presidential palace in the central district of Sana'a for the first time.


Residents said the aircrafts bombed the presidential palace with eight air strikes for the first time since coalition operations began in early 2015.


They added that the explosions were violent, and shops in the market were badly damaged.


The aircrafts also launched six raids on the presidential residence in the Sabain area, two raids targeted the police college and the club police officers.


In addition, three raids were carried out on the headquarters of the Standing Committee of the Congress Party, which was dominated by the Houthis in Hadda and two others on al Rayyan hills, also three raids on Saleh's son house, Brigadier Ahmed Ali, south of the city.


In the northern part of the city, aircrafts bombarded the forensic laboratory in Dhahban district by two air raids, and two others at Sanaa International Airport.


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