Coalition intensive raids kill 12 Houthi, wound 17 others in Taiz

طيران التحالف

The Saudi-led Arab coalition aircraft have launched around 13 air raids on the Houthi sites in al Zahari and Yakhtel outskirts areas northern al Mocha city western Taiz province, southwestern Yemen, resulting in the killing of 12 gunmen and wounding 17 others, as well as destroying four military vehicles, Katyusha rockets launcher, and a cannon, a military source told Almasdaronline


In coincidence with the air raids, heavy artillery shelling took place between the government forces and the Houthis in al Mocha and Moze'e district.


Meanwhile, the Houthis launched a fierce attack on the government forces sites in Han mountain western Taiz city from their positions in Hithran and al Robaie'e sites.


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