Sana'a: Houthis attack women's demonstration demanding Saleh dead body

حوثيون يعتدون على مجموعة من النساء طالبن بجثمان «صالح» في السبعين بصنعاء

Houthi gunmen attacked on Wednesday a women's demonstration demanding the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh dead body in al Sabeen square southern the capital Sana'a.


A video clip showed a group of women, who were raising slogans glorifying Saleh, running in al Sabeen square escaping from the Houthi militants attacks.


A group of women held a protest outside the military hospital in Sho'ob neighborhood, demanding the Houthi group to hand over the body in order to bury it, three days after his murder in his home by Houthi gunmen.


Until now, Saleh's body is still with the Houthis, and according to a source in the Congress Party, the Houthis demanded not to autopsy the body in exchange of its delivery, they also demanded not to announce the date of Saleh's burial, and that his funeral should not be popular where it will be only for his relatives.


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