Government forces advance towards al Khocha district, groups of the Republican Guard join them

الحوثيون يسيطرون على بلدة الخوخة دون مقاومة ويقتربون من مضيق «باب المندب» خريطة توضح بلدة الخوخة الساحلية على البحر الأحمر

The government forces backed by the Arab coalition forces took control on Wednesday western Taiz province, and headed towards Al Khocha and Hays district southern al Hodeida province, western Yemen, a military source told Almasdaronline.


The government forces managed to defeat the Houthis northern Yakhtil district, and proceeded towards Al-Zahari area in parallel with their advance from al Ramah axis northern Al Mocha district towards al Khocha district.


Moreover, the Government forces also advanced from the strategic Harzine mountain in al Hamli area northern the Mozza district, and continued to advance in the Najaiba highway that led to Hays district southern al Hodeida province.


According to the source, groups of the Republican Guard forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh joined the ranks of government forces northern al Mocha district, and went together to fight the Houthis in al Zahari district.



On the other hand, the government forces were able to regain al Houd village and Safih and Mania hulls northern al Selow district, southern Taiz in fierce fighting resulted in killing of six government troops and 11 Houthis.


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