Government forces restore sites in Lahj, size others in Taiz

القوات الحكومية تستعيد مواقع شمال القبيطة في لحج وتمشّط مواقع الحوثيين غربي تعز

On Monday, the government forces resized control of military sites and facilities in al Qubaytah district northern Lahj province, southern Yemen, as government forces seized other sites western Taiz.


A military source told Almasdaronline that the government forces took control of Alkhamis market hospital and advanced towards Jabal al-Raqiza, while the Houthis retreated to Sharar mountain southern al Qubaytah district.


The government forces seized weapons and ammunition, while a number of Houthis were killed and wounded, the source added.


On the other hand, the government forces continued to control the Houthis sites in the farms and mountains northern Mozza district, western Taiz province, according to source.


The source said that the government forces carried out a qualitative operation began from al Rugbi factory to the east of Nujaiba regions, and took control of the highlands eastern the road linked between Hiss and Al-Barah areas in the district.

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