Government forces capture high-ranking Houthi leader, control military sites in al Bayda

محافظة البيضاء

The government forces captured a high-ranking leader of the Houthis group in Nate'e district in al Bayda province, central Yemen, and taking control of new military sites, a military source said on Wednesday.



The source told Almasderonline that a military force ambushed the commander of the 9th Infantry Brigade of the Houthis, Hammoud Shatan (Abu Taha), in al Manasa area, where they captured him with two of his companions after clashes between the two sides.



In the context, the government forces took control of al Ghoul strategic mountain, and completed the mountains clearance that overlooking Haithya area in Nate'e district, according to the military source.



The government forces seized a military vehicle, 40 machine guns (Kalashnikov), and 4 medium machine guns, the source added.


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