15 Houthis surrender in al Mocha district, including Ibrahim Adabo's Son

إبراهيم عذابو

A number of Houthi militants, including the son of the well-known smuggling figure Ibrahim Adabo, surrendered to the government forces, a military source in the city of Al-Mukha, on the Red Sea coast in western Yemen, said on Saturday.


The source told Almasdaronline that Hemair Adabo and two of his brothers and about 15 others loyal to Adabo surrendered to the government forces in the area between Al-Khocha and Yakhtel, northern al Mocha.


Those who surrendered themselves were armed, and had joined the Houthis group during their control of the region in early 2015, the source added


However, upon differences between the Houthis of Hias city, and Houthis came from Sa'ada, evolved into clashes, led to those to surrender.


Ibrahim Adabo is one of the figures who have been a terror of citizens for many years, under the rule of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, known for the disruption of passengers and smuggling, as well as the assault on civilians in the region.


He was imprisoned in Taiz city, according to the source, he returned to his home after Houthis release him.


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