Yemeni Army Spokesman: the Economic report about the army totally untrue

عبده مجلي

The Official Spokesman for the Yemeni Army, Brigadier General Abdu Majli, expressed his deep surprise at the misinformation and misquoted statements attributed to the Chief of Staff of the Yemeni Army, Major General Dr. Taher Al-Aqili, in the Economist report dated 4 January ,2018.


Brigadier Majli explained that the information included in the report lacks the credibility and professionalism required of journalists.


He added that it only reflects the personal opinion of the journalist himself, and that it wasn't within the context of his conversation with the Chief of Staff of the Yemeni Army.

 Gen. Abdu stressed in his statement that such views never represent the ethics and professionalism of the valiant Yemeni Army, which has been sacrificing its souls and blood to rid the Yemeni people of the Iran-backed coup Houthi militia.


"We are waiting for the Economist to apologize for the false information reported in the newspaper in order to maintain professional credibility in the future" , brig. Majli. said.


At the same time, he praised the support provided by the Arab Coalition for the legitimacy and its logistic and training's to Yemeni army , as well as its efforts and sacrifices to liberate all Yemeni territories and restore state institutions and security in the whole country.


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