Fighting escalates between government forces and Houthis in Taiz, Lahj

معارك كرش

The confrontations and mutual artillery shelling have expanded between the government forces and the Houthi gunmen southern Taiz province, southwestern Yemen, and northern Lahj province, southern Yemen.

The battles took place on al Asaq hill in al Khalal area, the last site of the Houthis. The child Musab al Jaradi was shot by a Houthi sniper near their home in al Aqroud area, a military source told Almasderonline.

Violent confrontations and mutual artillery shelling also, down to Naqeel al Silw southern Taiz, while military sources reported an attack by the government forces towards al Najah school.

On the one hand, battles are taking place for the second day southern al Qabaytah and near Hamala mountain in al Shoriaja northern Lahj.

The fighting broke out after the government forces took control on the strategic Shaifan mountain, which facilitates and ensures the government forces advance towards al Shoriaja and Hamala, and cutting off the Houthis supply route, according to the military source.

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