Bomb explosions wound four civilians in Taiz, 7 soldiers in Aden

مدينة عدن

In the explosion occurred in Taiz, four civilians were wounded on Monday by a roadside bomb explosion, next to a popular market in the al Ajinat area, downtown Taiz, a security source said.


The source told Almasdaronline that an explosive device was planted in a car near Al-Dhafri station and detonated by unknown persons. Four civilians were wounded, some of them with serious injuries.


This incident was the fourth of its kind, as on March 2 explosive device was detonated in a military vehicle near the Al-Saeed mosque, while an explosive targeted on 8 January the convoy of Taiz city, Rashad Al-Akhali and Abdul-Qawi Al-Makhlafi.


Taiz is in the middle of a major security chaos, where the police and military forces failed to impose security in the city, owing to the proliferation of weapons and the multiplicity of armed groups.


In the interim capital Aden, a police statement said that seven soldiers wounded when a roadside bomb exploded late on Sunday.


The statement said that seven soldiers from the emergency forces and security support of the Security Department of Aden were wounded by an explosive device, targeting a patrol on board after returning from a security mission in the interim capital.


The commander of the emergency battalion, Samad Senah, was quoted as saying that «the patrol was targeted by an explosive device during the return of a security mission northern the city, which led to the soldiers with various injuries, and were taken to a hospital for treatment».


He vowed to pursue groups and extra-judicial cells aimed at destabilizing security, stability and spreading chaos in Aden.

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