Bin Daghr Government hold its first meeting in Aden

الحكومة في عدن

The Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr held a meeting in the temporary capital Aden on Saturday, after two days since they returned from al Riyadh.


The Cabinet discussed a number of internal and external developments including the dramatic army gains achieved, with help from the Arab Coalition, against the Houthi rebels, said Saba News Agency.



The government is bent on supporting the efforts to broker and achieve a just lasting peace as per the agreed upon terms of reference; the GCC initiative, its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the National Dialogue and the UN Security Council resolutions, particularly resolution 2216.


The Cabinet condemned the rebels' maximalist attitude and insistence on military escalation at the expense of the Yemeni people's blood.




The Cabinet also listened to a detailed presentation by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior on the security situation in the interim capital Aden and other government-held provinces.


The government approved the addition of 40 megawatts of energy purchased in accordance with the request of the Ministry of Electricity and the General Establishment to meet the deficit in energy due to the increase of loads to be introduced within four weeks in accordance with the terms and conditions of previous tenders.

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