Foreign Minister: UAE prevents President Hadi returning to Aden

عبدالملك المخلافي

The Foreign Minister Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Makhlafi said that the UAE is preventing the return of President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi to Yemen, especially to the interim capital of Aden.


Al-Makhlafi said in an interview with the BBC, in coincidence with the conclusion of the Arab summit held in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that the security divisions in Aden and the differences with the UAE called for postponement of his return.


Regarding the heard disagreements with the coalition countries, Al-Makhlafi said that legitimacy is working to overcome these differences in the ongoing dialogue with the leadership of the coalition.


Al-Makhlafi stressed that among those disagreement points is UAE supporting the militias that undermine the state authority in Aden.


It is noteworthy that, two former ministers in the government, Transport Minister Saleh al-Jubwani and outgoing minister Salah al-Sayadi, said earlier that the UAE was preventing President Hadi from returning to Aden.

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