Bahrain prevents entrance of Yemenis with Diplomat passports

العاهل البحريني يدعو إلى الإسهام في عملية إغاثة اليمنيين ويشيد بدور بلاده في «عاصفة الحزم»

A privet source said today (Tuesday), Bahrain kingdom Authorities has preventers Yemenis carrying diplomate passports from entering the kingdom without a prior visa.

According to our source, the kingdom authorities have informed the Yemeni government about this new regulation, after they prevent a member of Yemeni parliament at the border port.

Bahraini Authorities have decided to prevent the Yemenis with regular passports from entering the kingdom without a prior visa and now they added the diplomate passports to the same procedure.

According to our source, those decisions came after the uncontrolled diplomate passports issuing policy of the Yemeni government, which is depending on bribery more than being qualified to be granted a diplomate passport. 

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