Houthis kills a civilian by a ballistic missile

مقتل مدني وإصابة آخر بهجوم صاروخي للحوثيين في لحج السيارة التي استهدفت بالهجوم 17/5/2018

A civilian has been killed and one injured at Lahj (south Yemen) by a ballistic missile launched by Houthis and fall on a populated area.

A source said the missile landed on Aldukim village in Lahj governorate and resulted in killing a citizen called Aboud alkhorabi in his car and another civilian was with him inside the car.

The missile landed between the main road and Aldukaim village at the time the car was passing the area.

Almasirah ( the official channel of Houthis) said they launched a ballistic missile today (Thursday dawn) type Badr1 and targeted AlAnad base at Lahj.

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