Yemeni delegate to UNESCO : the Saudi and Emirates presence at Socotra is illegal

أحمد الصياد

The Yemeni delegate to UNESCO Ahmed Al Siyad said any military presence of the Arabic coalition at Socotra out of the governmental approval is illegal.

And he added in his interview with (Aljazeera channel), Socotra is safe and there is no justification for any military presence at the island.

There is a harmony between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and hidden intentions to divide Yemen into North and South he said.

He added there is a military presence of UAE at South of Yemen supporting the separation movement and the government not agreeing with them in this direction and returning Ali Saleh family to the authority.

The war must stop he said, and it's about time to sit with the coalition and knows what really they want from Yemen.

Now there are Saudi and Emeriti forces at Socotra after a military landing of UAE at the island led to a crisis before the intervention of Saudi Arabia and landed forces there for logistics and training for the Yemenis at the island as they said.

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