Yemen’s PM leaves for Saudi capital again

Yemen’s PM leaves for Saudi capital again

Exclusive: Al-Masdaronline-Yemen-Sana’a, Monday, October 24, 2016



Yemen’s prime minister of the internationally recognized government has on Monday left for the Saudi capital Riyadh the exile in which the government has stayed more than a year. Sources said.


The prime minister Ahmed Aubaid Bin Dagher left Jordanian capital for Riyadh in accompany of two female minsters in his cabinet while other minsters are still in the government-held city of Aden southern Yemen.


Yemen’s cabinet president Abdu Rabuh Mansoor Hadi returned to Aden two months ago in what they called then “a final return” to govern the country after spending more than a year in exile due to security volatile in Yemen.


Senior official said to Al-Masdaronline that the rest members of the cabinet are expected to leave the country in the next hours to Riyadh.


 Members in the cabinet held a final meeting last month with local authorities in Marib province eastern Yemen’s capital

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