Yemen’s PM orders payment of public sector salaries as puchists fail to pay

Yemen’s PM orders payment of public sector salaries as puchists fail to pay

Al-Masdaronline-Yemen-Sana’a, Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Yemen’s prime minister Ahmed Aubaid Bin Dagher has publicly ordered his government on Tuesday to pay salaries of all public sector employees who have not been paid for the second month.


The prime minister of internationally recognized government said that the payment should be in accordance with available cash currencies as Yemen’s is running short of cash liquidation. Sheba state news agency reported.


Government of Yemen’s president Abdu Rabu Mansoor Hadi is facing an increasing public pressure due to delay of paying salaries as the president has ordered relocation of Yemen Central Bank two months ago.


President’s Hadi resolution of relocating the bank came as an urgent necessary intervention to prevent further pillage and use of the bank’s money to support war by Houthi armed group and forces of former president Saleh. Announced the government two months ago.  


The prime minster pointed out that this option of using foreign currencies to pay wages is an extraordinarily solution if the banknotes get further delay. He insisted the importance of controlling all financial venues from Yemeni crossings and resources.


Houthi gunmen and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, defacto coup authorities in Yemen’s capital Sana’a have failed for the second month to pay salaries for public sector employees who are living the worst live conditions ever.


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