​ Government says it accepts Ould Cheikh's roadmap in form but rejects content  

​ Government says it accepts Ould Cheikh's roadmap in form but rejects content  

Ahmed Ben Daghr, the Prime Minister of the Government of Yemen, said that Yemen government accepts the roadmap presented by the UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh, that aims at stopping the war in Yemen in form but rejects it in content.   


During a meeting with the US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller, the Yemeni PM said that the international community is responsible for implementing the United Nations resolutions, in reference to the UN 2216 Resolution, which the government says Ould Cheikh's roadmap has overstepped it. 


The PM stressed that any peace deal outside the three NDC references will be a temporary peace that does not serve the interest of Yemen and the region, adding that it is illogical that the Houthis retain heavy and medium weapons to impose their views on the rest of the Yemenis by force.


"Even if the government accepts the UN envoy's roadmap in form it rejects it in content as it conflicts with national references which were the bases of the National dialogue Conference," said PM ben Daghr.  


"The peace way is clear, and no one can take over power by force and at the same time keeps it. All aspects of coup must end, as well as all grounds that could lead to a coup against the legitimate leadership of the country, whatever leadership it might be." 


On the one hand, the US ambassador expressed keenness of the United States to see a comprehensive and lasting peace as well as a political life in Yemen.


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