Said it was "demonized"; Bahhah calls for apology to Saleh's regime

Said it was "demonized"; Bahhah calls for apology to Saleh's regime

 Khaled Bahah, former Vice President and Prime Minister at the same time, called for an apology to the regime of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh that "was demonized in 2011".


According to some activists who attended a gathering for Khaled Bahah with a group of Yemenis residing in Berlin on Wednesday, they were surprised to hear the different speech spoken by Khaled Bahah by regretting what the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh went through.


Bahah said in the gathering that he had no independent vision to resolve the crisis in Yemen, but he came to mobilize the support for the roadmap presented recently by the UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.


Bahah, who didn't allow the audience to film and asked them to close their mobile phones, added that President Hadi is no longer accepted and must step down quietly, "and we start a new beginning."


It is worth to mention that Bahah was assuming the position of Vice President and the Prime Minister at the same time, before his relationship with President Hadi worsens and then Hadi dismissed him early April of this year.

Bahah aspires to play a key role in the future, as he presents himself as a person welcomed internationally and regionally.


Bahah also aspires to play the role of a "consensus person" agreed upon by all Yemeni parties to lead the upcoming phase, if the crisis ends up with a political settlement.


Bahah is now in a tour to a number of countries to mobilize support for Ould Cheikh's roadmap, which was rejected by President Hadi and the government, as well as by the Yemeni parties.

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