Yemen ambassador in Washington determine 3 objections in Ould Cheikh roadmap

Yemen ambassador in Washington determine 3 objections in Ould Cheikh roadmap

Yemen's ambassador in Washington, Dr. Ahmed Awadh ben Mubarak, identified three points in Ould Cheikh's roadmap seen by the Yemeni Government as contradictions between the new UN settlement deal and the National Dialogue Conference three references.


Ben Mubarak said that the three contradictions are found in the powers given to the vice president, dividing the withdrawals, and relying on Kuwait talks as a ground to any peace deal.


Ambassador ben Mubarak added that the Ould Cheikh's settlement draft "suffers from methodological issues and is not based on the reality nor on all the previous efforts, which formed the political transition in Yemen".


The first point, according to ben Mubarak in an interview for the "Asharq Alawsat", is the change in the presidency. Ben Mubarak said it was totally contrary to all of the Gulf Initiative, outcomes of NDC, and the UN Resolution 2216, and in particular the appointment of a new vice president empowered with all the President's powers.


The second thing the ambassador considers as "unrealistic in the roadmap" is dividing the withdrawals, saying: " it is a mistake to think that the withdrawal from Sana'a will bring about security for the return of state institutions without withdrawal from Hodeida and Taiz at the same time."


The third point was that the Yemeni Government believes that intensification of international efforts to ensure success of permanent cease-fire, alleviation of humanitarian suffering, lifting the siege imposed on the cities, and calling on the various parties to engage in dialogue on the basis of the ideas negotiated in Kuwait talks will lay the base for the protection of the Yemeni people and will maintain the UN's role in achieving peace and reconstruction of Yemen.


It is worth mentioning that these statements came in response to a declaration mad by London that it has launched talks with the UN Security Council state members to put forward a draft resolution on Yemen at the UN Security Council within the next few days.


This draft resolution includes four key points relating to the cessation of hostilities, supporting the peace roadmap proposed by the UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, access of humanitarian aides to all areas around the country, and to the investigation in all allegations against the parties of the conflict that they have committed violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law.


Britain's permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, said that the draft resolution is still under deliberations with members of the UN Security Council. However, bin Mubarak stressed that Yemen does not need a new resolution, while resolution 2216 was not implemented despite it was issued under Chapter VII.


Bin Mubarak also pointed out that "the Yemeni Government did not receive any official document yet," referring to four-points draft resolution declared by Britain on Yemen.

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